A couple of weeks ago, the French presidential candidate François Fillon was victim of a robbery. French police say thieves stole a computer, an USB (that's what we are going to talk about in this post) and a police armband froma a car used by Fillon. The theft, that took place near Lille airport, is being investigated. But what we're going to talk about in this post is about sensitive data being robbed and the big problem it can be.

Let's ask one question: what would've happened if the computer or the USB contained sensitive information for Fillon's presidential candidature? Certainly it would be a very big problem and it could ruin the candidature if this information finishes in the wrong hands. If that USB contained, for example, the list with all the Fillon's campaign sponsors and this is information comes to light, it could expose all these sponsors to the point they don't want to collaborate with Fillon anymore. An absolute disaster originated in a simple robbery.

Fortunately for Fillon, the computer was remotely disabled and the USB didn't contain sensitive information. But, what if...? All of us have to be prepared for this type of robbery and prevent it with some easy but important tips:

  • Secure sensitive information and limit its access.
  • Properly dispose of sensitive data in case you're not going to use it anymore.
  • Use strong password connection for all your devices, accounts and even USBs.
  • Encrypt data.
  • Control physical acces to your computers.
  • Secure access to your network.

In MyIdeal-IT we are aware of this problem and we offer solutions. With us, your security and privacy is always protected: we have selected the best protection partners, developed a platform to ensure your device is safe and secured the hardware, software and operating system.

And what abou our LaCie XtremKey USB? Its AES 256-bit software encryption secure it completely, so in case someone steal it he won't be able to access to the data stored in the USB.

Data robberry coming from devices (computers, tablets, USBs) thefts is a problem that concerns to all of us nowadays and must be taken seriously. In MyIdeal-IT we know it and we protect you from this potential headache.