Informationisbeautiful is the David McCandless's website, a London-based author, writer and designer. The whole website is dedicated to distilling's the world data, information and knowledge into beautiful, interesting and, above all, useful visualizations, infographics and diagrams. The tool that we show you today is exactly all of these things: a list of the "World's Biggest Data Breaches".

This tool, as its own name indicates, provides a very graphical bubbles list of data breaches from all around the world, which you can filter by sector (Law, Military, Financial, Telecoms and many more) and kind of breach (Hack, Leak, Accidental publications, etc). You can also choose the bubble size and colour depending on different facts like the year, the method of leak or the data sensitivity.

In addition, there is another public list with all the data breaches that can be found on the tool. You can find the list here

"World's Biggest Data Breaches" is a very interesting and useful tool, that shows us that the cybersecurity must be taken seriously.


Design & Concept: David McCandless

Code: Tom Evans

Powered by: VIZSweet

Source:, IdTheftCenter, Press reports

Research: Miriam Quick, Ella Hollowood, Christian Miles, Dan Hampson