Microsoft has established a new issue in the technology agenda: the Global Cybersecurity Accord. As we can read in the technology & cybercrime magazine E-Commerce Times, Microsoft asked the governements around the world to create a "digital Geneva Convention" in order to normalize international cybersecurity rules. This proposal cames from the idea that governments needs to establish international rules to protect civilians from cyberthreats during peacetime.

One of the arguments in favor of this Global Cybersecurity Accord is purely economic. According to Micorsoft studies, 74% of the world's bussinesses expect to be hacked every year, fact that causes losses from cybercrime averaging three trillion dollars per year. Devasting.

Cyberattacks has evolved. What started with military and economic espionage, now is present in many other areas: against companies, intellectual properties, government institutions... Only in combating cybersecurity threats, Microsoft spends more than a billion dollars per year.

The nation-state attacks are becoming more and more common, that's the reason why 20 countries from all around the world recommended in 2015 cybersecurity norms for nation-states designed to promote an open, secure and peaceful information & communications technology enviroment. But it's clearly not enough.

Microsoft, Google and Amazon has collaborated to combat cloud abuse, including spam and phishing site, even when they are rival firms. For its part, the Electronic Privacy Information Center has started a Democracy and Cybersecurity Project and urged the United States Congress to update federal data protection laws and to establish a data protection agency.

These news make clear that the cybersecurity is a global issue that needs to be taken more seriously than ever.