Privacy and Security is the first and most important priority for us. So we worked hard to offer you the best solution in this area. And we got it ! Thanks to our partners, the best, we all together offer you the best solutions in this area. And addmore we configure it to work at they best. The result is armored devices that protect your work, private life, comunications and all other areas. Click on "read more" to know all the attacks we will protect you from.


What will you be protected from

USB attacks or unauthorised data copy

USB control provided, only registered sticks allowed

Malware installations and device hijack

Firewalls and the best Malware controls

Wifi Sniffers

Communications encryption is a must have when connecting in airports, hotels, ...

Cloud hacking (like Dropbox or iCloud)

We use the only one Cloud that is fully encrypted and has never been hacked

Device hacking

Devices has all the controls, firewalls and moreover to avoid unwanted access

Weak or Stolen password is the main way for hacker to access

Professional password manager and a small password policy is the way to secure all your passwords

Data robbery

With all the tools like encryption, access control, firewalls, etc... we cover all breaches.

Software vulnerabilities

We care about all, including the updates so any known breach is sealed


Known phishing sites are quickly registered in all firewalls and protections so they can't trick you

Virus infection

Of course the best solution and the most efficient in terms of control and performance

Personal info exposed in a personal environment, or vice versa

You'll love our "profiles control", change easily from personal to professional and backguard

... any other

the updates are automatic and we manage licenses so your system will know about new kind of attacks