With TV series like The Walking Dead and movies like 28 days later, the phenomenon zombie is again very fashionable. These terrifying charachters have also been used to name one of the most current IT threats: zombie viruses. Today, in this new post of our blog, we give you more information about these viruses and how we fight them from MyIdeal-IT.

These IT zombie infections are produced by malware (malicious programs) that are spread through hacker actions, access to unsafe web pages, emails or infected USB. Once the zombie virus has been installed on the device, it's now in a state of "sleeping terminal" and can already be used by the hacker at will. In this way, the cybercriminal can remotely control the device from anywhere in the world and use it, for example, to send spam massively.

There are several symptoms that indicate that your device may have been infected by a zombie virus. It may be slower than usual, you get system error messages that have no logical explanation, emails that you have not sent appear in your outbox -it may not even let you access your own email account-, your browser closes for no apparent reason, the device's fan is activated when it is inactive, the memory space of the hard disk is consumed quickly and without explanation...

And how can we protect ourselves from this threat? From MyIdeal-IT we have a world-class antivirus protection partner that is the best defense against this kind of attacks: we are talking about Sophos. This antivirus not only neutralizes threats such as zombie viruses, but is able to prevent them before they are installed on the device. In this way, Sophos eliminates the threat even before the device is infected. Basing its security system on simplicity, Sophos already has the trust of more than 100,000 companies around the world.

We also recommend, in order to avoid these possible zombie infections, to use accessories of warranties. As we have said, a zombie virus can be transmitted through an infected USB; however, if we have an optimum quality USB with maximum performance, there is not so many chances of contracting a computer virus. One of this USB, available in MyIdeal-IT, is the LaCie XtremKey USB.

All precautions are short, since once the zombie virus has infected your device there is no turning back.