Less than a month after the implementation of the GDPR, we share the TOP TEN list of data breaches and cyber attacks this April where all the records have been broken. And we imagine that future lists will be even longer thanks to the introduction of obligatory data breach notifications.

From ransomware attacks, in which computers could be unlocked by paying a ransom amount, up to filtering 72,611,721 records by Lewis Morgan a few days ago and the massive data breach of Equifax, the consumer credit reporting agency , which exposed the personal information of almost 150 million consumers, has been sending the wrong notification letters to a "small percentage" of those affected.

Another month we find the usual mix of infractions and hacking, and as always is dominated by medical care incidents. A sector in Spain whose cybersecurity measures, especially in the private sector, are insufficient.

This is a recount of the cyber attacks that made companies tremble this April, in chronological order.

Cyber attack and ransomware
1. Leominster pays $10K in bitcoin ransom to undo cyberattack on schools

2. Center for Orthopaedic Specialists notifies 85,000 patients of ransomware attack

3. P.E.I. government website hit by ransomware attack

Data breach

4. Three former Flint cops sold personal info of crash victims, feds claim

5. Vector shuts down app after privacy breach

6. A Texas health commission employee was fired. Then she received the private information of more than 100 clients.

Financial information

7. Hackers stole his campaign cash, Sacramento lawmaker says

8. Victoria ISD notifies employees of breach involving their personal information

Fighting back

9 . Google accounts get new verification feature to prevent phishing attacks


10. Equifax has spent $242.7 million on its data breach so far

Still have not taken steps to comply with the RGPD?

What is it they say? There’s no such thing as bad publicity?

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Eve Vidal