After the commemoration on January 28 of the day of Data Protection and with the news of the imminent entry into force of European Data Protection Legislation invading the front pages of all media, all alarms goes throw between the self-employed and SMEs, as many wonder how they will affect their day by day.

The titlewould be: The key is in the "Risk".

Not in the Risk that can be assumed if the new regulations are ignored, whose penalties may reach more than 20 million euros or, failing that, the payment of 4% of the annual sales of the company in particular; but the main difference with the current regulations is why the RGPD leaves of the hand of the entities the self-evaluation of their risks for the determination to implant the concrete measures of protection.

The biggest headache for all those who manage data to other companies, so, absolutely all the self-employed and corporations, is the risks´ determination, especially in relation with the user's privacy, since threats and impacts must be taken into a specific accounts.

It translation goes to all specific cybersecurity measures that each organization must adopt, among many others, such as the personal data´s pseudo anonymization and encryption, also the need to periodically reevaluate and verify the risks, the implemented security measures and the level of compliance.

We are facing in front of an opportunity for companies to provide real added value to their clients through respect for their rights and freedoms, because it isn´t only guaranteeing and accrediting compliance with regulations, so we need to create a new risk framework, governance & compliance.

In MyIdeal-IT we want to assume all risks for you, offering the best IT solutions and guaranteeing with style that you comply with the new European Data Protection regulation. For this reason, we offer you an expert in cybersecurity from Myideal-IT to perform a free audit of your equipment to analyze your vulnerability level and identify the needs and measures to take complying with the RGPD.

Do you take the risk?