One of the most important tips that security experts give for staying safe online is that you must never reuse passwords. Famous people like Mark Zuckerberg, Drake, Kylie Jenner or Jennifer Lawrence suffered big consequences for not following this sacred cyber-rule.

The reason behind this rule is simple: if you don't reuse passwords and one of your services gets hacked, then your other accounts remain safe and secure. However, as an article in the Business Insider UK explains, many celebrities commited the mistake of ignoring this advice.

Last summer, a large number of celebrities got hacked in a very short period of time. The origin of it is a mega-hack that happened years ago that included Myspace and Linkedin, but only surfaced recently. In 2013 Myspace got breached and 360 million user accounts were compromised, and Linkedin suffered the same type of cyberattack back in 2012 with the result of 167 million accounts details stolen. In these hacks, the celebrities's passwords were leaked and has been now used to hack their other accounts in which they used the same password.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's creator and CEO, saw his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hijacked on summer. The password he reused? "dadada". As you can see, being a genius of computer programming is not incompatible with using the same simple password in all your cyberaccounts.

Other celebrities that has been hacked are Drake (as a result of the Myspace leak), the electronic music artist Deadmau5, Katy Perry (homphobic and racist tweets were sent from his Twitter account by the attackers), Jack Black, Lana del Rey... All these attacks were usually harmless, but it's never funny seeing your privacy invaded.

The experts's recommendations to avoid this unpleasant situations is to use a different strong password for every app, site and service you sign up for. The user can even use a password manager app if necessary and a two-factor authentication.