To businesses whose clients are on the top of society are asked one thing above the rest: maximum discretion and absolute privacy. Often exposed to public opinion, these clients demand that their data remain in complete secrecy, as some of the services they have hired are completely private and would be very annoying if they were exposed. One of the clearest examples of this are the cosmetic centers and their plastic surgery operations.

More and more people choose to use the aesthetic operations to improve their image or just make small adjustments. When they go to cosmetic centers they are given a general medical checkup, so that their medical and health data are incorporated into the databases of the center; in the same way, and of course, in these databases will also be archived information about the plastic surgery operations to which has been submitted each customer. All very sensitive information, which we know is the favorite of cybercriminals.

Last May, precisely, a cosmetic center of Seville (Spain) was victim of data robbery through a cyberattack. The hackers accessed the servers of the center, and with it to the confidential information of 300 patients. The cybercriminals encrypted all the data and requested a bailout of 56 bitcoins, equivalent to about 90,000 euros. But what if instead of encrypting the data and asking for a ransom the cybercriminals would have decided to share the data? Very sensitive and private information of three hundred people would have been in the public domain, with all the grievances that this entails for those affected.

In view of all this, every cosmetic center should take the precautions to avoid cases like this ... and MyIdeal-IT can provide that service. We guarantee the maximum security of all your devices (laptops, tablets and mobiles phones) thanks to our unsurpassed combination of partners: the Sophos antivirus -one of the world's leaders in computer security-, Hornetdrive -for data protection in the cloud-, Lastpass -the ultimate password manager-... you can not ask for more privacy than this.

In high-flying businesses, such as cosmetic centers, privacy is even more important than in regular business. At MyIdeal-IT we know this and we want to help with our excellent security and privacy system for all types of devices. Ask without commitment for a budget 100% adapted to your needs!