Today in our blog we present you an impressive tool developed by Check Point Software Technologies LTD. We are talking about the impressive Live Cyber Attack Threat Map, that as its name says, is a map that shows all the cyber attacks that are ocurring in the world in real time. There's only one word to describe it: awesome.

This interactive map describe with lines from which point of the world comes every attack and where it's directed. It also counts the number of attacks that has been produced during the day and the day before, the top target countries and the top attacking countries:


You can click on every country in the world and in the screen will appear its cyber attacks stats from last week and last month (average infection rate, most frequent attacking country, infecting malware types):


In resume, the Live Cyber Attack Threat Map is a very interesting tool that represents very clearly one reality: there are hundreds of cyber attacks all around the world every minute and all your devices (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) need the best protection to stop them. In MyIdeal-IT we have the partners and the IT technology to protect your privacy and business.