On 2014, the popular video sharing website Dailymotion was victim of a cyber-attack. The attackers injected malicious code into the website and redirected the visitors to web-based exploits that installed mallware.

As the website Computerworld explains in this article, the click-fraud Trojan program that infected Dailymotion redirected browsers to another website hosting an installations of the Sweet Original Exploit Kit, an attack tool that uses exploits for Java, Internet Explorer and Flash Player. Once the kit successfully worked, then Trojan.Adclicker was downloaded onto the victim's computer. It forced the computer to artificially generate traffic to pay-per-plicks web advertisments in order to generate revenue for the attackers.

Although the problem was solved in a few hours and only a small numbers of users were affected, this notice shows us that even the biggest websites in the world can be attacked. That's why cybersecurity is more important every day and an issue every company in the world must care about.