For a few days now, a new virus has been rampant in the cyberuniverse, more dangerous and sophisticated than the famous WannaCry. We are talking about Petya, a virus that searches for vulnerable computers and uses management tools to infect entire networks. The cyberattack already acquired global proportions and the biggest antivirus companies already work to counteract it. The best of them, Sophos, which is also one of the premium partners of MyIdeal-IT, has already reacted to the Petya virus.

The official statement from Sophos regarding the Petya virus is as follows: "Customers using Sophos Endpoint Protection are protected against all the recent variants of this ransomware. We first issued protection on June 27th at 13:50 UTC and have provided several updates since then to further protect against possible future variants".

This demonstrates, first and foremost, Sophos's proactiveness in protecting its customers from major unexpected cyber attacks. This is one of the great reasons why from MyIdeal-IT we blindly trust this antivirus. It also shows how it has been able to control a virus that is causing huge problems all over the world.

Apart from this instant protection offered, Sophos has also published three IT tips to prevent the ransomware attack from penetrating our computers:

  • Update all systems.
  • Make an encrypted backup of our computers, and all the information they contain, and save it off-site.
  • Be carefully when opening unsolicited attachments in emails.

With these three simple rules, the odds that Petya affects us are drastically reduced. If we have Sophos on our computer, we can be more than calm. At MyIdeal-IT we are proud to offer Sophos, the antivirus that best defends your computers.