MyIdeal-ITTM Configuration
        To get partner's software best performance
    5 Things we solve
        Perfomance boost, top level privacy and security and premium customisation
   All included
        Support, licenses, financing, syncing; all covered

  Laptop: HP Pavilion X2 10.1-inch Detachable 2 in 1 Laptop (64GB)
        Phone: Samsung S7 Edge

Financing: 195€* / month for 36 months’ contract

*target price

Included services

  • We deliver a customized pack (hardware and software) and assist the customer with the design (finish / logo + leather cases with the initials and logo of the client).
  • We make a custom configuration with the software Windows 10, Windows Office 2016, Bitlocker, SOPHOS, HORNET DRIVE, Last Pass and Silent Circle.
  • We make a face-to-face delivery of 4 hours to complete the configuration of the mail accounts, and help the customer with the start-up and migration of the data (trip to Barcelona included or we bring your devices to you).
  • We set-up the helpdesk system for a Premium service including 5 hours / year in the renting fee.
  • Included in the pack are Premium accessories (Bluetooth mouse, encrypted security USB, battery / case for the phone)
  • We offer RENTING with fixed monthly fee for the equipment and service over a term of your choosing between 0-5 years.
  • We offer the option to extend the agreement annually
  • We make the pack's software license maintenance and renewal managed by us
  • We’ll keep updated on the software and hardware's novelties to offer the best solution on the market and deliver you recommendations as they become available