Premium all-inclusive Service

My Ideal-ITTM wants to give you a Premium all-inclusive Service for a great IT experience

  • We take care of everything thanks to our in house technical support service. Forget about the administration of your IT Solution.
  • Your all-inclusive contract includes 5 hours of helpdesk / year to satisfy all your needs
  • We finance your IT Solution with an all-inclusive renting fix monthly fee.
  • We give you the possibility to up-grade your IT Solution at any time during your contractual period.




Fully covered

You are fully covered by our all-inclusive monthly fee. Hardware warranty, software up-grade and licence renewal for the entire length of the contract. We will solve any issue with our in-house helpdesk and technical support.

Never alone again
against technology fails
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Financial Solved

We offer you an all-inclusive and affordable monthly fee. Our Financial Service gives access to the IT Solution you always dreamed. You can easily renew and up-grade it at any time during the contract period.

Worryless solution at controled, know,
and fixed cost that fit your needs
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Data always available

You can use as many devices as you need, wherever you need, your data will be always safe and available. You can trust your IT Solution to support your specific needs in the most difficult and critical circumstances.

Never say again "I have those presentation on the computer's office", get all you data secured and at a reach
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