Last June 6 we celebrated with the Spanish-Danish Chamber the European Breakfast with Innovation, Growth and Technology in the European Commission

MyIdeal-IT participated in the round table together with leading companies in the sector, such as Ntechcon, Cymultate, ExactSpain, and Novicel, providing cybersecurity solutions, digital strategy, connectivity and integration of management software.

Each year, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, ... make their spectacular show to presents their new and exclusive smartphone of the year. But is it really exclusive? Is the latest Iphone model a luxury item? and, do you feel unique carrying that smartphone?

The brands convert a mass article into an exclusive and personalized device. Although, really you know, anyone can get the latest mobile model that has gone to the market, it isn´t luxury ítem, though without the option of customizing it with a standard sleeve or labels´s colors. You´re singular, so your smartphone should to be too. Would you like to get really luxury device with your own personalization?

El Mobile World Congress (#MWC) 2018, la mayor feria de tecnología móvil del mundo, está a la vuelta de la esquina. Unos 108,000 asistentes, de alrededor de 200 países, se congregarán del 26 de febrero al 1 de marzo en la sede de Gran Via de Fira de Barcelona, ​​la misma afluencia obtenida durante la edición del año pasado - registro hasta la fecha.

En esta edición, el congreso tecnológico más grande tendrá una gran novedad, y no nos estamos refiriendo a la apariencia estelar de un nuevo dispositivo, pero el Mobile World Congress 2018 ha sido el escenario elegido por MyIdeal-IT para su presentación en la sociedad . Queremos consolidarnos como la compañía líder de soluciones de TI, garantizando la máxima seguridad y privacidad y ofreciendo una personalización premium . Por lo tanto, no podría haber una mejor ubicación que entre las 2.300 empresas con expositores en este evento más grande en el sector móvil, junto con las empresas de mostrar nombres populares como, por ejemplo, Alibaba, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Google, SAP, Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft, Orange, Qualcommm, Telefónica, Vodafone, ZTE, Mercedes Benz, Seat y Toyota.

Personality, taste, quality, craftsmanship, sublime work, meticulousness, detail. Marquetry is a decorative technique that requires patience for the final product to have all the above characteristics. The technique of marquetry, although it is mostly known for its applications in furniture, flooring, small objects, paintings or panels, it is also possible from now on to adapt it to the current technological devices.

Angeles Segura's smile is warm but confident, discreet but radiant. Although what draws the most attention is her perfect harmony with the pendant and bracelets that Angeles has chosen for today, designed by herself. "Every person should wear the jewels that go with her and her interior, with what she feels and the vital moment in which she is," assures Angels. This statement reveals his way of seeing the world of jewellery, a very personal philosophy where jewellery and personality are integrated into one.

Personalise to convert your mobile device into a work of art

Airbrushing is a technique which with we are capable to create volumes quickly, it has a great visual impact and makes images get closer to reality. Rarely any other technique offers so much. Popularly, it is associated to steer art because in both cases one uses pulverised paint, but they have nothing to do with one and other. Neither in style nor in intention or technique. Both use different methodologies. For My Ideal - IT, airbrushing applied to a mobile symbolises distinction, it offers a unique value and it’s duration allows a significant increment in the life of the product in which we want to express our idea. My Ideal - IT offers the best solutions to match our clients’ expectations. And for that, we work with the best suppliers.

Law firms, because of the valuable information they have from their customers, are one of the most desirable targets for hackers and cybercriminals. The traffic of information is an increasingly lucrative business, and for that reason any law firm must have total IT protection. Infections with malicious software, ransomware, maladvertising, cloud gaps, phishing, malware ... is there a way to protect your firm from all those threats? Yes, and it's called MyIdeal-IT.

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