You'll pay through a renting fixed quote fee. This allow you to avoid big investments and get affordable fixed monthly fees. With only this you'll have all included, no hidden or extra costs.

Worryless solution at controled, know, and fixed cost that fit your needs.

No hidden costs

One and only monthly payment for ALL

Renting financed

Affordable motnhly payments under renting financed solution

Tax friendly

Many countries has tax benefits for renting investments solutions

You'll have to worry about NOTHING: all is included during the contract period. Needless to say we'll be at your side when you need technical support.

Updates, upgrades ...

We configure all services to be automatically up-to-date

Licenses and renovations

Office 365, all software, antivirus,... we renew it transparently

Technical support

We will help you with any malfunctioning, trouble or doubt

You can get as many devices as you need, with the sureness that they are all synced. Not a simple syncing but the most secure syncing in the world nowadays. Never say again "I have those presentation on the computer's office", get all you data secured and at a reach

All devices up-to-date

Every change is everywhere, in all your MyIdeal-ITTM devices

Full secured

Of course, security and privacy in the first line

Also passwords

One lifesaving will be the professional password management