3 Things Everyone Hates

We provide solutions to BATTERY, SPEED and CONECTIVITY

We transform standard devices to the unbeatably performing IT Solution in the world

MyIdeal-ITTM was initially created to address “the 3 things everyone hates” because as high expectation users, we were constantly disappointed by our own IT Solution performance.

The result of our investigation is an IT Solution that not only solves the “3 things everyone hates” but also provides you with the best solution in terms of Security & Privacy and offers a unique Premium Customisation.

You will experience an unbeatable level of performance on battery life, processing speed, data accessibility, security and privacy without any compromise on “user friendly”.


How did we solve “the 3 things everyone hates”?

Experience the best battery life

  • We have increased by more than 100% the standard battery life with an ultimate goal to reach 24-hour autonomy for your laptop, tablet and phone.
  • We have installed the latest battery generation associated to the most efficient processing solution to maximise your device’s battery life.
  • You will no longer be looking for power or data access when travelling.

Enjoy the fastest processing speed

  • Our hardware customisation and optimised operating system will provide you with the fastest processing speed in the market.
  • Never wait again for your device to respond and improve your productivity to a level you have never experienced.


Always connected with full access to your data

  • We connect all your devices together to ensure your constant syncing and access to the latest version of your data.
  • Our security and privacy solution will protect your business without any negative impact on your connection capabilities.
  • Our encrypted data solution will protect you in any circumstances.

We have addressed the “3 things everyone hates” without any compromise on user experience.

Here is some of our secrets...

... all-inclusive MyIdeal-IT Service


We take care of everything to ensure you always have working devices: warranty, licence renewal, version up-grade, maintenance and helpdesk are all included in our contractual agreement.


Fully covered

You are fully covered by our all-inclusive monthly fee. Hardware warranty, software up-grade and licence renewal for the entire length of the contract. We will solve any issue with our in-house helpdesk and technical support.

Never alone again
against technology fails
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Financial Solved

We offer you an all-inclusive and affordable monthly fee. Our Financial Service gives access to the IT Solution you always dreamed. You can easily renew and up-grade it at any time during the contract period.

Worryless solution at controled, know,
and fixed cost that fit your needs
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Data always available

You can use as many devices as you need, wherever you need, your data will be always safe and available. You can trust your IT Solution to support your specific needs in the most difficult and critical circumstances.

Never say again "I have those presentation on the computer's office", get all you data secured and at a reach
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